Conference report


Lord Santhalinga peruman innarul perukuka

            Tamil Community flourished in civilization even before the world realizes the civilization.Thoughts of Tamils are always global. Valluvar’s first Tirukkural ends with the word 'உலகு (World)’ even before 2000 years ago.The great spiritual epic writer  Cekkilar also started and ended the Thiruthondar Puraanam with the word 'உலகெலாம் (Entire World)’. Kambar also Started Ramayana with the word world.

Tamils moved to more than 150 countries for their livelihood. Even though they moved they are living with Devine Tamil deeply rooted in blood.

Holy Kailash heritage meikandar hierarchy  Perur aadheena guru maha sannidhanam kailai gurumani seervalarseer Perur adigal is well known Tamil saiva spiritual guru for his global vision.

Ambalvana peruman of Thillai is dancing for the sake of Devine Tamil must run globally. For him Concecration (Kumbaabishekam) to be held On 18th day of the month chittirai of befalling Tiruvalluvarandu 2046 (1-05-2015) .Huge volume of Devotees will gather from worldwide for the participation on this day. We proud of live in the time of the Concecration is taking place. We have got the pleasure of seeing this.

We would like to conduct ‘World Divine Tamil Conference” by inviting the Tamil scholars coming for the Concecration from all over the world, on 19th & 20th day of the month chittirai of befalling Tiruvalluvarandu 2046 (02-05-2015 – Saturday & 03-05-2015- Sunday) at Perur. In this Conference we are discussing the spiritual Tamil from the beginning of Tolkappiya era ,prometed by Nayanmars,Alwars, the period of Chola, Pandiya, Pallava Kindoms, Aadheenams, Aadhigurumudhalvarkal, Arulalarkal, Vallalar,Dhandapani Adhigal till present time, future and guidance to the forthcoming generations  Tamil Culture must safeguarded at every stage. Tamil Culture is to be Maintained gloriously today, Tamil hearts Must realize the truth. For all these aspects and future of Tamil, this conference is a path way. Our Seervalarseer Perur Adigal wishes peoples all over the world should participate in the conference and share their important ideas for the enrichment of Tamil with the future generation.

The purpose of the conference

1.Introduction of Divine Tamil literature to the Future Generations.

2.Methods to adopt Gracious situation Shown by  Divine Tamil literature in today’s environment

3.Delivering the life Theorems shown by Divine Tamil Literature hereditary.

4. Deliver and making realization of Temple structure, Food, Clothing, gracious life, scientific occurrences in grace.

5.The Importance and uniqueness of  Language, medical, hospitality, technology, geometry, music, drama, fine arts and attractions in the contemplation of the requirements to maintain them.

6.Think and Love those with an interest in the welfare of the Tamils ​​living around the world is an obligation of the Tamil people. Whatever differences in several principal functions, we have to be unite with the main Object of conference  ‘Unite Tami nation’ 

So while coming to Chidambaram for the Concecration, we  request you to plan your journey and allot 2 or 3 days stay at Perur to get organized .Expecting Your Valuable Ideas, opinions and mail us the details of How many people are coming  to the following mail Ids ( , , ) .Then only we could arrange for accommodation and transportation.

A Request,

There are sitting of students from abroad studying in India especially in  Tamilnadu Universities, Colleges. We wish to invite them for contribute their views regarding how the future generations realizes Divine Tamil and enrich Tamil accordingly. So if you Inform the phone number, email address of the students studying in India and Tamilnadu from your Country, it will be helpful for inviting them to participate in the conference. Since the Conference is on 2nd,3rd  of may 2015, Please Inform the phone number, email address of your dears and nears from your country arriving to Tamilnadu on this nearby dates enabling us to invite them for the participation in the conference. Invite all Tamil aspirants to participate on behalf of you also.

We request you to forward this Email to Your Friends. Detailed Agenda will be announced Latter.

                                                            For kailai gurumani seervalarseer Perur adigal

Maruthachala Adhigal

IlayaPattam,Perur Aadheenam